The Ivy Collection Birthday Card Projects

The Ivy Birmingham - Temple Row

I had the absolute pleasure of designing and creating 100 beautiful 3D paper cut cards for The Ivy on Temple Row in Birmingham to mark their first Birthday on the 11th April 2019. Working with a very tight time deadline, I produced several designs for the PR team based on the look and feel of the establishment, one of which was selected and I transformed into a digital file to be mass produced on the laser cutter. I then assembled all 3 layers of 100 cards and sent them off the head office for them to be posted to their loyal consumers and the press. I throughly enjoyed this experience and am so happy with how beautiful they look.

The Ivy Cambridge 

After how successful the first Ivy commission was for the Birmingham restaurant, the Ivy head office got in contact with me to create 50 more bespoke cards to celebrate a year since the Cambridge restaurant opened their doors. For this, I wanted to use the beautiful decor of the restaurant front, combined with a bike to link it to the city.